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Johanna Hanink took her PhD in Classics from the University of Cambridge (Queens' College). Her work in Classics focuses on classical Athens, particularly the cultural life of the city's fourth century BCE. She is especially interested in the intesections between prose, poetry, and politics in classical Athens. Some of her work also touches on the points of contact between modern politics and ideas about ancient Greece, and antiquity more generally.

She is author of Lycurgan Athens and the Making of Classical Tragedy (Cambridge University Press 2014), The Classical Debt: Greek Antiquity in an Era of Austerity (Harvard University Press 2017), and co-editor, with Richard Fletcher, of the volume Creative Lives in Classical Antiquity: Poets, Artists, and Biography (Cambridge University Press 2016).

Her volume of newly translated selections from Thucydides was published with Princeton University Press in early 2019 (How to Think about War: An Ancient Guide to Foreign Policy).

She is active in Brown's Program in Modern Greek Studies and is on the Executive Board of the Modern Greek Studies Association. She is Arts & Humanities editor of the Journal of Modern Greek Studies. She is also on the editorial boards of Bryn Mawr Classical Review and Eidolon and a regular collaborator with Greece's ThePressProject.


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