Professor Emeritus of Geological Sciences


I received my Ph.D. at the University of Toronto in 1967 and served as a Research Associate at MIT working on the Apollo Applications Program Lunar Lander for one year before joining the Brown Faculty as an Assistant Professor in 1968. I have 30+ years experience as a professor, developing a range of courses and electronic mediated instructional materials in theoretical geophysics, hydrology and risk assessment of natural hazards. I am a consultant to industry, public groups, private individuals and the legal profession in a variety of lead and support roles. My major research interests include: environmental geophysics and hydrology, particularly those activities related to groundwater and watershed studies. I have directed numerous geophysical field projects in Iceland, the Azores, the Yukon, Canada, major volcanic centers in the western United States, and the Northeast U.S.  My current research focusses on the hydoclimate conditions in the African East Sahel.

Research Areas