John Hazen White Professor of Public Policy, Professor of Political Science and Urban Studies


I grew up in Rio de Janeiro and New York and attended Middlebury College and the Uinversity of Chicago. I have published ten books. My latest is Repubic of Wrath: How American Politics Turned Tribal: From George Washington to Donald Trump ( My first book, "The Democratic Wish," was a New York Times Notable Book and won the APSA's Kammerer Award for the best book on the United States. "Hellfire Nation" was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and --I love this juxtaposition-- was named a top ten book by Chirstianity Today and was the subject of a Playboy interview. In 2009 I published The Heart of Power: Health and Politics in the Oval Office; According to unreliable sources, President Barack Obama was seen reading it at Camp David (it also got a front page review in the New York Times). I've published some 200 articles and essays including regular contributions to The American Prospect,  The London Review of Books and the New York Times. My very favorite essay, "Dumbledore's Wisdom," published in The American Prospect, draws lessons from Harry Potter for politics and education. I've testified before Congress numerous times and have been on the editorial boards of eleven scholarly journals (chairing two).  In 2015, I was elected to the National Academy of Medicine. But of all my awards, I am proudest of the Hazeltine Citations for teaching voted by the Brown University Classes of 1993, 1999, 2001, 2007, and 2008.

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