Kenneth Haynes Professor of Comparative Literature, Professor of Classics

Haynes joined the Brown faculty in 2003. He has written English Literature and Ancient Languages (Oxford, 2003) and The Oxford History of Literary Translation in English , vol. 4: 1790–1900 (Oxford, 2006), which he co-edited with Peter France. Other books include a translation of Heidegger (with Julian Young), an edition of Swinburne, and an historical anthology of English translations of Horace (with D. S. Carne-Ross).

Over the last few years he has written articles on reception theory and classical studies, Modernism and classics, the reception of the Greek Anthology since the Renaissance, the fiction of Guy Davenport, and Virgil and the idea of the classic.

He recently translated and annotated essays by Johann Georg Hamann (Cambridge, 2007) and edited the Collected Critical Writings of Geoffrey Hill (Oxford, 2008). In press is his edition of Geoffrey Hill's Collected Poems, Broken Hierarchies (Oxford).

His current work includes vol. 5 (covering 1880 to 2000) of The Oxford History of the Classical Reception within English Literature , which he is editing and to which he is contributing. He is compiling "A Bibliography of Geoffrey Hill" and writing an essay on Hill's criticism. Also underway are two essays, "The Theory and Practice of Classics in the Nineteenth-Century Novel" and " 'There is an Idol in the Temple of Learning': Hamann and the History of Philosophy."

Brown Affiliations

scholarly work

Editor, Geoffrey Hill, Collected Critical Writings (Oxford, 2008).

"Modernism, 1900-1950," A Companion to the Classical Tradition, ed. Craig Kallendorf (Blackwell, 2007) 101–14.

"The Modern Reception of Greek Epigram," Brill's Companion to Hellenistic Epigram, ed. Peter Bing and Jon Steffen Bruss (Brill, 2007) 565–83.

Editor and translator, Johann Georg Hamann: Writings on Language and Philosophy (Cambridge, 2007)

"On Guy Davenport's Fiction: An Overview of the Stories," Literary Imagination 6:2 (Spring 2006) 307–313.

Co-editor (with Peter France), The Oxford History of Literary Translation in English: Vol. 4, 1790-1900 (Oxford, 2006).

English Literature and Ancient Languages (Oxford, 2003).

Co-translator (with Julian Young), Martin Heidegger, Off the Beaten Track (Cambridge, 2002).

Editor, Algernon Charles Swinburne's Poems and Ballads and Atalanta in Calydon (Penguin, 2000).

Co-editor (with D. S. Carne-Ross), Horace in English, with D. S. Carne-Ross (Penguin, 1996).

research overview

Kenneth Haynes studies the classical tradition in European literature and philosophy since the Renaissance, with particular attention to German and British Hellenism.

research statement

Haynes investigates the reception of classical works in European literature and philosophy with a particular focus on the phenomenon of literary multilingualism. He has written, edited, annotated, or translated six books relating to the topic. Two of them involved large-scale historical and critical studies of the topic: the monograph, English Literature and Ancient Languages , and volume four of The Oxford History of Literary Translation in English (1790–1900), which he co-edited with Peter France. In addition, he has published two 'case studies,' namely Horace in English (with D. S. Carne-Ross) and an edition of Swinburne's Poems and Ballads & Atalanta in Calydon , which elucidated the poet's indebtedness both to English and to foreign literature. Finally, he has translated works by two philosophers, Johann Georg Hamann and Martin Heidegger, who exemplify, in their different ways, multilingualism and explore its philosophical implications.

funded research