Lynne A. Fontaine Adjunct Professor of Pediatrics

Dr. Andreozzi Fontaine is the coordinator of the NICU Network Neurobehavioral Scale (NNNS) Training Program.  She utilizes the NNNS for clinical, research, and teaching purposes, specifically in consultation with newborn nurseries.  She is certified to train others on the proper administration, scoring, and interpretation of the NNNS.  Her additional clinical work at the center encompasses the assessment of infants and young children, and behavioral consultation with area professionals and caregivers.  Her current research interests include attachment and substance exposed infants.

Brown Affiliations

Research Areas

research statement

My research focuses on the neuroehavioral performance of infants at risk either through prenatal substance exposure or prematurity with the goal of examining long term outcome. My research has also focused on early attachment relationships.

funded research

Co-Investigator: Vulnerable Infants Program of Rhode Island (VIP2-RI); Funded by Children's Bureau, Abandoned Infants Assistance Grant; 2005 – 2009; Total amount awarded over 4 years= 1,555,780.00.