Professor of Medical Science, Professor of Africana Studies


Lundy Braun is a Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine and Africana Studies and a member of the STS Program. Her research takes an interdisciplinary approach to analyze the epistemological dimensions of structural racism, health inequality, colonization, and naturalization of human difference. Projects include 1) the transnational circulation of knowledge about racial difference, lung capacity measurements, and respiratory disease, especially between the US and South Africa in the 19th and 20th centuries; 2) the socio-political and scientific production of invisibility about work-related diseases due to asbestos and silica exposure in the mines of South Africa; and 3) the contemporary debate over race, genomics, and health inequality,especially as it impacts explanatory frameworks and medical pedagogy. She has participated in national and international workshops on race, imperialism, genetics, and health. She has been a recipient of a Professional Development Award from the NSF; a Fulbright Senior Specialist in Public Health at the University of Cape Town, South Africa; and a Scholar Award from the NSF.

She is the author of Breathing Race into the Machine:  The Surprising Career of the Spirometer from Plantation to Genetics (University of Minnesota Press, 2014), for which she received the 2018 Ludwig Fleck Award from the 4S (and Honorable Mention for the 2017 Rachel Carson Award.)

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