Lois A. Monteiro Professor Emerita of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Brown Affiliations

funded research


1962 "Nursing Education for Patient Teaching," Boston University Faculty Research
Grant, P.I.

1974 "Ethnicity and Cancer Prevention," American Cancer Society Institutional Research Grant (Brown), P.I.

1975 "The Involvement of Nursing in the Women's Rights Movement, 1890-1920"
American Nurses Foundation, Research Grant, P.I.

1975 "Social Events and Attitude Change, Abortion 1971-75" National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, Research Grant, P.I.

1975-76 "Women's Role and Abortion: Attitude Changes 1975" National Institute of
Child Health and Human Development, Research Grant, P.I.

1977 Rhode Island Committee on The Humanities, "The Hospital In Modern Society" , co. P.I. with Albert Wessen.

1977 "Coeducation in the 1980s" - a research project funded by Ford Foundation
and Rockefeller Family Fund, co-investigator, Carol Leland, P.I.

1978 "Index of Illness Severity," RI Department of Health, co. P.I. with Hesook Kim.

1979 "Myocardial Infarction Recovery Patterns in Females," Biomedical Research Support Grant, Brown University, P.I.

1980 "Myocardial Infarction Recovery Patterns in Females" RI Foundation, P.I.

1980 "Images of Hope - Culture and Medical Care in the 1930s" RI Committee on the Humanities, co P.I. with Barton St. Armand.

1980 "Visiting Researcher Summer Grant - Severity Index Applied to Medical Care" RI Health Services Research, P.I.

1983-86 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Medical Practice Research Program Grant," A Nursing Intervention to Improve the Functioning of Females After Myocardial
Infarction" P.I.
1987-90 National Institutes of Health, Center for Nursing Research, "M.I. Recovery
in Older Women" P.I.

1992-94 National Institute of Health, National Institute of Diabetes and Kidney Disease," Hormones and Benign Prostate Cancer," P.I., (replacing the late A. Morrison)

1992-2002 National Institute of Health, "Women's Health Initiative - Vanguard Clinical Research Center," co-investigator, A. Assaf, P.I.

1992-93 National Institute of Health, National Cancer Institute, "Diet and Breast Tissue Morphology on Mammograms" P.I., (replacing the late A. Morrison).

1994 A.T.P.M./C.D.C., "Minority Preventive Medicine Visiting Scholar Grant", P.I. - Carmen Rocco, Visitor.

1995-98 R.I.D.O.H./C.D.C., Contract for Epidemiology Services at R.I.D.O.H.

1995 Analysis & Technology Co., Contract for a Training Course, "Understanding Systems for the Health Care Environment", May 1995, P.I.

1995-96 Wayland Collegium Grant, "Women's Health Faculty Development", P.I.

1997-2001 United Nations Population Fund, ìTraining and Research on Migration and Health in Countries Undergoing Economic Transition (Vietnam, Ethiopia, Guatemala),
co-Investigator, Sidney Goldstein, P.I.

1998-99 Salomon Faculty Grant, Brown University, ìFlorence Nightingaleís Lettersî