Lynn Rothschild Adjunct Professor of Molecular Biology, Cell Biology and Biochemistry

Rothschild is an astrobiologist/ synthetic biologist at NASA Ames specializing in molecular approaches to evolution, particularly in microbes, and the application of synthetic biology to NASA's mission. She is the faculty adviser to the Brown-Stanford iGEM team. The 2011 team won blue ribbons at the NY Maker Faire, placed in the top 4 and won Best Presentation at the Americas regionals, and made "sweet 16" and won best new application at the Worlds at MIT. The 2012 team won Best New Part at the regionals, and placed in the sweet 16 out of 190 teams worldwide! And the 2013 team advanced from the North American Regionals to present a record-breaking four projects at the World Jamboree November 2013. The 2014 iGEM season has just begun!

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Rothschild's research focuses on how life, particularly microbes, evolved in the context of the physical environment, here and possibly elsewhere. She studies photosynthesis and DNA damage and repair in the lab and in field sites including Yellowstone, Australia, Kenya, the SF Bay, Baja and Andes. Lab members study UV resistance, synthetic biology, snow algae and aerobiology. She has flown experiments in balloons with Stanford, and rockets. Synthetic biology in support of NASA is a new focus.