Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Studies


Mohamed Amer Meziane holds a PhD in Philosophy and Intellectual History from the University of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne. He recently joined Brown University as an Assistant Professor of French and Middle East Studies, after teaching for four years at Columbia University. He is the author of The States of the Earth: An Ecological and Racial History of Secularization. The book won the Albertine Prize for non-fiction in 2023 and has been published in English in April 2024 by Verso Books. His second book is titled: At the Edge of the Worlds: Towards a Metaphysical Anthropology. He is currently working on two book manuscripts. The former is a historical ethnography of 19th century Western philosophers and unknown non-Western theorists, notably from Algeria and Haiti. From Rousseau and Hegel to Abdelkader, it shows how anthropology and orientalism shaped the intertwined histories of philosophical (anti)-metaphysics and social sciences. The latter deploys a philosophy of the Algerian revolution, focusing on North African philosophies and literatures of liberation, focusing on figures such as Abdelkebir Khatibi.

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