Senior Lecturer in Language Studies


Miled Faiza is a poet and translator. He is the author of two books of poetry: ʾAsābiʿ al-naḥḥāt (2019) and Baqāya al-bayt alladhī dakhalnāhu marrah wāḥidah (2004). He has translated two novels from English to Arabic: Autumn (al-Kharīf, 2017), and Winter (al-Shitāʾ, 2019), both by Ali Smith; from Arabic to English, he co-translated the novel al-Talyānī (The Italian, 2021), by Shukri Mabkhout. He also published many translations of poetry and short stories. Prior to coming to Brown in 2011, Miled taught Arabic at Michigan State University, University of Virginia, and Middlebury College.

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