Miled Faiza Senior Lecturer in Language Studies

Miled Faiza published his first collection of poetry in 2004, Remains of a House We Once Entered. Selections from Remains of a House have been published in three anthologies, as well as numerous journals. Miled is currently writing a new poetry collection, selections of which have been published in print publications such as Al Ghaoon as well as in online literary journals like Kikah and Jihat al-Shi'r. English translations from the new collection were also published in World Literature Today and Banipal; a Serbian translation was published in Bagdala. Miled graduated from Université de Sousse, Faculté des Lettres et des Sciences Humaines de Sousse, Tunisia, in 1998 with a BA in Arabic Language and Literature and received a master's degree in Near Eastern Languages (Arabic) from Wayne State University in 2009. Miled has taught Arabic at Michigan State University, University of Virginia, and Middlebury College.

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research overview

Miled Faiza is primarily interested in Modern Arabic Literature, Translation and Lexicography.