Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine


Nathan Gelinas, MD, is an Assistant Professor of clinical medicine within the Department of Medicine at the Brown Medical School. He completed his undergraduate training in his home country of Canada, at the University of Alberta. He received his Medical Degree from Saba University School of Medicine and completed his post-graduate training focused on internal medicine at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. He is a Hospitalist working at both Rhode Island Hospital and The Miriam Hospital. His research aims to identify biochemical markers that, when paired with traditional clinical assessments, can reliably quantify a patient's nutritional and functional status. This will ultimately assist with clinical decision making with respect to pursuit of high-risk/ invasive therapies as well as help establish peri-opererative risk. Furthermore his research aims to indentify specific diets and nutrition protocols that can augment allopathic treatment strategies for a wide range of diseases. Finally his research aims to identify diets and nutrition protocols that effectively optimize metabolic function as well as reduce the risk of disease development.

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