Nancy L. Thompson Professor Emerita of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (Research), Professor Emerita of Medicine (Research)

Nancy Thompson, Ph.D., was the inaugural Associate Dean for Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, Division of Biology and Medicine, appointed in January 2006. She stepped down from this position July 30, 2010. Dr. Thompson is currently Professor Emerita (Research), Medicine and Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. Dr. Thompson was founding co-Prinicipal Investigator of Brown's Initiative to Maximize Student Development R25 grant from NIH's NIGMS (2008-12) with PI Professor Andrew G. Campbell. She received her Ph.D. from Brown. Past peer review funded research and publications focused on hepatic cancer and injury related gene expression /biomarkers with particular emphasis on LAT1/CD98 amino acid transporters. She no longer directs a research laboratory.

Brown Affiliations

scholarly work

Erickson, B. Thompson, N.L. and Hixson, D.C. Tightly regulated induction of the adhesion molecule necl-5/CD155 during rat liver regeneration and acute liver injury. Hepatology 43:325-334, 2006

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research overview

Nancy L. Thompson, Ph.D., is Professor Emerita (Research) of Medicine and Pathology & Laboratory Medicine in the Division of Biology and Medicine. Previous active research interests included cancer/injury related gene expression and molecular biomarkers. Dr. Thompson has been the PI of 2 Dept. of Education GAANN pre-doctoral training grants and Co-PI of an NIH Initiative to Maximize Student Development grant. She is currently involved in several professional development and volunteer programs in education.

research statement

Previous efforts in the Division of Hem-Onc, Dept. of Medicine at Rhode Island Hospital were focused on defining molecular mechanisms of neoplasia using hepatic model systems. Several major publications from the laboratory described TA1/E16/LAT-1, a highly conserved, integral membrane protein and light chain of the CD98 heterodimer. CD98- associated functions include amino acid transport, cell activation, and integrin activation. TuAg.1/pE4 is a cell surface glycoprotein member of the Nectin family originally discovered on the basis of its differential expression in rat liver cancer, but also expressed in colon and mammary carcinomas.
Brown University- based administrative and training projects completed or ongoing: 1) A grant from the National Postdoctoral Association for postdoc specific training in responsible conduct in research at Brown University; 2) initiatives to maximize diversity of predoctoral graduate students within the Division of Biology and Medicine at Brown University;3) Professional Development and Ethical Responsible Conduct in Research training for predoctoral students.

funded research

Past Funding

American Cancer Society/Brown University Institutional Grant IN-45-31, N.L. Thompson, Prin. Invest.; "Molecular cloning of a liver membrane oncofetal antigen", 8/89-6/91, total funds: $5,000.

Rhode Island Foundation, Grant 815, N.L. Thompson, Prin. Invest.; "Developmental expression of TGF-ß in early embryogenesis"; 2/91-1/92, 10% effort, total funds: $3,900.

American Cancer Society, Grant #CN-20, N.L. Thompson, Prin. Invest.; "Expression and cloning of TuAg.1, a novel liver oncofetal antigen", 7/90 - 12/92, $169,000; $72,536 annual direct costs.

Roger Williams Cancer Center, Developmental award from CORE Grant P30 CA13943, N. L. Thompson, Prin. Invest., "A Novel Liver Tumor-Associated Antigen", 5/93 - 4/94, 10% effort, total funds: $10,000.

National Institutes of Health, R01 CA4214, Douglas C. Hixson, Prin. Invest.; N.L. Thompson, Co-investigtor, 30-40% effort, "Molecular Determinants of Multicellular Organization", 4/1/89-5/31/98, direct costs 1993: $97,523.

American Cancer Society, #CN-20A, N. L. Thompson, Prin. Invest., "Cloning and Expression of a TuAg.1, A Novel Liver Membrane Oncofetal Antigen", 1/1/94 - 12/31/96, 40% effort, total funds: $223,000; direct costs for first year: $80,259.

Pfizer Central Research Division, Groton, CT. - Brown University Master's Degree Program. $6,000 in research support for teaching Cancer Biology course at Pfizer, Semester I (Fall), 1995.

Division of Orthopaedic Research, Dept. Othopaedics, Brown Univ., $5,000 for expendables and 20% Research Assistant (S. Karr) salary support for collaborative studies with N. Thompson: "TGF-ß expression during ischemia-reperfusion injury", 1996-97.

George Oncology Funds - Interim salary and laboratory support 1997-1998 while NIH grants were pending.

National Institutes of Health, RO1 NS-27601-06, "Choroid Plexus - CSF, Growth Factors, Age & Injury", Conrad Johanson, Ph.D., Dept. Neurosurgery, RIH, Prin. Invest.; 08/01/95-07/31/98; N.L. Thompson, Investigator, 5% effort - 5% salary support, total funds: $603,000, direct costs first year: $142,258.

National Institutes of Health, RO1 CA42714, "Molecular Determinants of Multicellular Organization", Douglas C. Hixson, Dept. Med. Oncol., RIH, Prin. Invest.; N.L. Thompson, Co-investigator, 25% effort - 25% salary support 12/98 - 11/00,; total funds $624,508; direct costs first year approx. $137,420.

U.S. Dept. Education P200A000117, GAANN Training Grant, "Ph.D. Training in Pathobiology of Infectious Disease and Host Response," N.L. Thompson, PI, 8/15/2000 – 8/14/03, 20% effort through 2003, direct costs $153,000/yr; no cost extension to 8/04.

American Institute for Cancer Research, 02A127, "Amino Acid Regulated Gene Expression in Tumorigenesis" N.L. Thompson, PI, 7/31/02 – 6/30/05, 15% effort, $134,758 total costs.

National Institutes of Health, 1RO1 CA73611, "Expression and Role of TA1 Oncofetal Gene in Liver Cancer", N.L. Thompson, P.I. 40% effort - 40% salary support; 04/01/99-01/31/05, first year direct costs $170,929; no cost extension to 9/30/05; (no renewal appl.).

American Cancer Society CRTG CEE-103542 "Interaction of MUC1 Protein with E-cadherin and ß-catenin in Breast Cancer." (M. Chung, PI), N. L. Thompson, Basic Science Mentor, 7/01/02 – 7/01/05, 5% effort.

National Institutes of Health, T32 ES007272, "Training in Environmental Pathology", 7/1/03 – 6/30/07, (A. Kane, PI), N.L. Thompson, Faculty Trainer and Steering Committee, 0% effort; (NT withdrew as faculty trainer 2004).

National Institutes of Health, 2 R01 HD035831, "Nutritional Regulation of Fetal Liver Development", 12/1/03 - 11/30/08, (P. Gruppuso, PI) N.L. Thompson, co-investigator, 5% effort, withdrew 1/06.

NIH 1 F30 ES013639-01, "Microarray Discovery of Hepatic Biomarkers" (NRSA Fellow-ship), Current year $46,018, 9/01/04 – 8/31/09. (PI. B. Lau), N. Thompson, initial faculty sponsor. (NT helped this MD/PhD student transfer to another lab/sponsor for PhD work).

NIH National Center for Research Resources 1 P20 RR17695-01 (P.I. Hixson) N. Thompson 25% effort as Deputy Director, "Center for Cancer Research Development" 9/30/02-8/31/07, Yr. 1 Direct Costs $1,554,248.

U.S. Dept. Education P200A030100, GAANN Training Grant, "Ph.D. Training in Pathobiology of Infectious Disease and Host Response," N.L. Thompson, PI, 8/15/03 – 8/14/07.

National Postdoc Association. "Bringing Home RCR" Seed grant award to Brown University; N. L. Thompson, Principle Investigator; 2007-08.