Population Health and Clinical Epidemiology

The goal of the Center for Population Health and Clinical Epidemiology is to conduct epidemiologic studies of the causes, treatment and prevention of major health concerns at the population level. Members of the Center are epidemiologists, physicians and social scientists who combine state-of-the-art research methods with expertise in specific diseases, including cardiovascular, cancer, reproductive, nutritional, psychiatric and behavioral disorders. Research on etiology involves several large-scale longitudinal projects of representative community-based samples, in some cases followed over decades, to investigate the emergence of disease and disorder as well as the combined influences of genetic, environmental and social factors on the incidence and course of these conditions. Randomized clinical trials and other clinical investigations are conducted in collaboration with leading hospitals and other treatment facilities in Rhode Island and throughout the U.S. to investigate the impact of new therapeutic technologies and to add to evidence-based treatment decisions in medicine and public health. 


Faculty Administrative Positions

Faculty Picture

Savitz, David AInterim Director of Epidemiology and Environmental Health