Adjunct Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine


Phil Brown is Professor of Sociology and Environmental Studies, and has taught at Brown since 1980. He is a founding member of the Committee on Science, Technology, and Science and an Associate Member of the Program in Judaic Studies. His research includes disputes over environmental causation of illness, social movements in health, and the Jewish experience in the Catskill Mountains. His recent books are "Illness and the Environment: A Reader in Contested Medicine," "Catskill Culture: A Mountain Rat's Memories of the Great Jewish Resort Area," "In the Catskills: A Century of the Jewish Experience in 'The Mountains,'" and "Social Movements in Health." His most recent book is "Toxic Exposures: Contested Illnesses and the Environmental Health Movement." He directs the Contested Illnesses Research Group, the Community Outreach Core of Brown's Superfund Research Program, and the Community Outreach and Translation Core of Brown's Children's Environmental Health Center.

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