Distinguished Senior Lecturer in Judaic Studies


Ruth Adler Ben Yehuda holds a B.A. degree in Hebrew and Arabic Language and a M.A. degree in Hebrew Language from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Before coming to Brown University in 1989, she served as Hebrew Instructor at Academic Rank in the Division of Hebrew Language Instruction, and Head Teacher at the Rothberg School for Overseas Studies of the Hebrew University. Her responsibilities also included supervising, training, and creating study materials for Hebrew teachers. She also served as Pedagogical Director in the Division of Adult Education in ORT ISRAEL. She supervised an adult education division consisting of thirty-five courses in various vocational fields; hired teachers; prepared and developed educational programs; updated course content; and guided students on how to fill their requirements as determined by the Israel Ministry of Education.
In addition to instructing beginning, intermediate, and advanced Hebrew language courses at Brown, Ruth is the Founder and Director of the Providence Ulpan,TAMAR, which is the first Hebrew Ulpan in Rhode Island; and the coordinator of Hebrew language instruction at the Jewish Community Day School of Rhode Island in Providence. Since June 2002, Ruth has been an active member of the Hebrew Board of the New National Middle East Language Resource Center, which was initiated by the U.S. Department of Education. Ruth has been selected by the Undergraduate Council of Students at Brown University for the 2005 Award for Excellence in Teaching.

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