Ross E. Cheit Professor of International and Public Affairs and Professor of Political Science

Professor of Political Science and Public Policy. J.D. (1981) and Ph.D. (1986), University of California at Berkeley. Specialization in ethics and public policy, criminal justice, children and public policy, and the politics of food. His first book, Setting Safety Standards: Regulation in the Public and Private Sectors, was published by the University of California Press. He is new book is The Witch-Hunt Narrative: Politics, Psychology, and the Sexual Abuse of Children (Oxford University Press, 2014). 

Brown Affiliations

scholarly work

"The Science of Child Sexual Abuse," Science (April), 308, 501. (co-author)

"The Limitations of a Prospective Study of Memories for Child Sexual Abuse," Journal of Child Sexual Abuse,"12(2): 105-111

"What Hysteria? How Newspapers Cover Accused Child Molesters," Child Abuse & Neglect 27(6): 607-623

"The Legend of Robert Halsey," Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, 9 (3/4): 37-52

"When Businesses Sue Each Other: An Empirical Study of State Court Litigation," Law & Social Inquiry 23(3): 789-816(co-author)

"Junk Skepticism and Recovered Memory: A Reply to Piper," Ethics & Behavior 9(4): 295-318

"Consider This, Skeptics of Recovered Memory," Ethics & Behavior 8(2): 141-160

research overview

My current research focuses on the politics of fisheries and seafood in the United States. My most recent book examines the intersection between law, public policy, and psychology in understanding social responses to child sexual abuse in the contemporary United States. I have research interests in two other areas: first, in the civil justice system and the relationship between insurance and society; second, in "good government" and ethics in government.

research statement

My current book project involves original court research into major day-care sex abuse cases from the 1980s. Peripheral projects related to this project include: empirical court studies of sentencing practices for sex crimes, and media coverage studies (one extending Beckett's analysis of major magazines and the other examining television newsmagazines).

funded research