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Prof. Gaitskell is the head of the Particle Astrophysics Group which is part of the Cosmology and Astrophysics Program at Brown. The Particle Astrophysics Group is currently a leading institution on the LUX (Large Underground Xenon dark matter experiment) which was constructed 2010-2012, and is now searching (2013-2015) for the direct interaction of Particle Dark Matter using the Sanford underground lab in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

    Prof Gaitskell is a PI and Co-spokesperson of LUX. He was also the first spokesperson for LUX-ZEPLIN Collaboration, and experiment which is planned to follow LUX in 2017+.

    He joined the Brown faculty in 2001. During the period 2001-2007 the Brown Particle Astrophysics Group were a lead collaborator in the CDMS II (Cryogenic Dark Matter Search) and XENON10 Experiments.

    Prior to coming to Brown, Prof. Gaitskell held positions as a Faculty Senior Lecturer in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, University College London, UK; he was a Fellow at the Center for Particle Astrophysics in UC Berkeley, CA; a Visiting Scholar at Stanford University, CA; and a Prize Fellow at Magdalen College, Oxford, and the Dept. of Physics, Oxford University, UK. His thesis (in dark matter detection) and undergraduate BSc/MA degree are from Oxford University, UK.

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