Associate Professor of History, Associate Professor of East Asian Studies


Rebecca Nedostup 張倩雯 works at the intersection of politics, culture and society in twentieth century China and Taiwan. She is the author of Superstitious Regimes: Religion and the Politics of Chinese Modernity (Harvard Asia Center 2009), and is currently writing Living and Dying in the Long War: China and Taiwan's Displacements, 1937-1959. She is a co-organizer of the collaborative, interdisciplinary project "The Social Lives of Dead Bodies in Modern China." A second collaborative digital project, Magpie, seeks to connect the work tha scholars do with multiple kinds of texts by allowing researchers to easily create a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) for any type of source, whether or not it exists in the digital realm.

Nedostup's research and teaching interests include war, mobilization, and displacement; the long-term effects of mass violence; state-building over the long durée and in comparative light; the social histories of legal and state formations; the theoretical and methodological issues raised by ritual and spatial analysis; and the place of the corporeal dead in historical study.

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