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Rebecca B. Silver Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior (Research), Assistant Professor of Pediatrics (Research)

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Research Areas

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Rebecca Silver's research interests include early childhood mental health, dissemination and implementation of evidence based practices in community settings, program evaluation, and the development of disruptive/externalizing behaviors.

research statement

Rebecca is interested in the development and evaluation of evidence-based practices and programs (EBPs) that prevent mental health problems among young children. Her current research focuses on the implementation of EBPs in community settings, with an emphasis on identifying barriers and facilitators of effective and sustainable implementation (e.g., organizational capacities, readiness). This research aims to understand how EBPs are translated into "real world" settings, with the ultimate goal of developing strategies for enhancing community-based implementation of EBPs. She is also interested in the development of disruptive behaviors in young children. Her research in this area has focused on understanding the role that familial and non-familial relationships, as well as characteristics of the natural settings (e.g., classrooms) in which children spend time, impact the development of externalizing behaviors.