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Syed A. Latif Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Clinician Educator

Expertise/Certifications: Clinical Chemistry, Laboratory Scientific Director
Office number: 793-4200
(Lab Customer Service: 401-793-4242)

Dr. Latif is Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (Clinical) at the Warren Alpert School of Medicine at Brown University, and Scientific Director of Clinical Chemistry for Lifespan Laboratories.  Dr. Latif received his BS and MSc from the University of Karachi, Pakistan, his MS in Biochemistry from the University of Connecticut, and his PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Rhode Island.  He is board certified by the National Registry of Clinical Chemists (NRCC), and has expertise in the analysis of ions, organic compounds, and proteins in blood and other biological fluids.

Brown Affiliations

scholarly work

Latif, S.A, Pardo, H.A, Hardy, M.P, and Morris, D.J. 2005. Endogenous selective inhibitors of 11β-OH-Steroid dehydrogenase isoforms 1 and 2 of adrenal origin. Mol.Cell. Endocrinol. 243, 43-50.

Morris, D.J, Latif, S.A, Hardy, M.P, and Brem, A.S. 2007.  Endogenous inhibitors (GALFs) of 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase isoforms 1 and 2: Derivatives of  adrenally produced corticosterone and cortisol. J. Steroid Biochem. and Mol. Biol.  104, 161-168.

Morris, D.J., Latif, S.A, Lo, Y.H, Abrampah, K, Brem, A.S, Lichtfield, W.R. and Williams, G.W. 2008. Correlation of glycyrrhetinic acid-like factors (kidney-11β-HSD2 GALFs) with urinary free cortisol and plasma renin activity in essential hypertension. J Am Soc Hypertension. 2, 286-293. 

Hu GX, Lian QQ, Lin H, Latif SA, Morris DJ, Hardy MP, Ge RS. 2008. Rapid mechanisms of glucocorticoid signaling in the Leydig cell. Steroids. 73, 1018-24.

Gong R, Latif S, Morris DJ, Brem AS. 2008. Co-localization of glucocorticoid metabolizing and prostaglandin synthesizing enzymes in rat kidney and liver. Life Sci. 83, 725-31.

Morris DJ, Latif SA, Brem AS. 2009. Interactions of mineralocorticoids and glucocorticoids in epithelial target tissues revisited. Steroids. 74, 1-6.

Latif SA, Shen M, Ge R-S, Sottas CM, Hardy MP, Morris DJ. 2011. Role of 11β-OH– C19 and C21 Steroids in the Coupling of 11β- HSD1 and 17β-HSD3 in Regulation of Testosterone Biosynthesis in Rat Leydig Cells. Steroids. 76, 682–689.

Morris DJ, Latif SA, Brem AS.  An alternative explanation of hypertension associated with 17alpha-hydroxylase deficiency syndrome.  Steroids 2014;79:44-48.

research overview

Dr. Latif has special interest in the study of regulation of metabolism of adrenal steroids in salt balance and hypertension (in collaboration with Dr. David Morris).