Shibin Cheng Assistant Professor of Pediatrics (Research)

Brown Affiliations

scholarly work

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research overview

Ongoing research focuses on dissecting the molecular mechanisms of preeclampsia and roles of tranthyretin in preeclampsia.

funded research

Ongoing funding

Rhode Island Foundation (No. 20133983), 2014-2015

Protein Aggregation Response in Preeclampsia: A Novel Mechanistic/Therapeutic Approach

Role: PI



COBRE for Perinatal Biology (5P20RR018728-10), National Institute of General Medical Sciences (8P20GM103537-10; PI: James Padbury)
Pilot Project I: in vivo and in vitro Model of Pre-eclampsia Pathology

Role: PI (Oct, 2012-Jul, 2013)


Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, (Basic Research (C)) (No. 13833006), 2001-2003

Effect of Dioxin prenatal exposure on the behavior of mouse      

The Japanese Ministry of Education, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan

Role: Co-investigator (PI: S. Kuchiiwa)


Research Grant (No. 200100115-14), 2001-2003

Neurotoxic effect of Dioxin

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, JAPAN

Role: PI