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Shira I. Dunsiger Assistant Professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences (Research)

My research focus is on developing sophisticated statistical methodology for analyzing data from behavioral medicine, including smoking cessation, physical activity, mood, depression and adherence outcomes. My broad research interests include statistical mediation, causal inference, missing data mechanisms and pattern detection.

Brown Affiliations

funded research


1 R03CA153942 7/22/10-06/30/13(NCE)
Statistical Methods for Assessing Patterns of Change in Cancer-Control Behavior
Role: Principal Investigator

1 R01 NR011295 (B. Marcus, PI) 9/01/09–05/31/13
Culturally and Linguistically Adapted Physical Activity Intervention for Latinas
Role: Co-I/Statistician

R01 CA155381 (D. Williams, PI) 02/01/11–1/31/16
Efficacy of Brisk Walking as a Smoking Cessation Treatment Adjunct Among Women
Role: Co-I/Statistician

1 R01HL109116-01 (PI B. Bock) 09/01/11-07/31/16
Efficacy of Exercise Videogames for Physical Activity Adoption and Maintenance
Role: Co-I/Statistician

1 R01 CA159954-01 (PI B. Marcus) 09/16/11- 7/31/15
Promoting Physical Activity in Latinas via Interactive Web-based Technology
Role: Co-I/Statistician

1 R01AT006948-01 (B. Bock, PI) 07/01/12-03/31/17
Efficacy of Yoga as a Complementary Therapy for Smoking Cessation
Role: Co-I/Statistician

R33MH080591 and Supplement (K.Morrow, PI): (R21) 09/28/06-08/31/08; (R33) 09/01/08-08/31/12(NCE)
Linking Biophysical Functions of Microbicides to user Perception & Acceptability
Role: Biostatistician