Professor Emeritus of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies, Professor Emeritus of Slavic Studies


Professor of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies and of Slavic Studies and former Chair of the Department of Theatre, Speech and Dance (2001-2007), is the author of seven books--Heidegger and Future Presencing (The Black Pages), (2020); A Philosophical Autofiction: Dolor's Youth (2019); The Baroque Night (2018); Incapacity: Wittgenstein, Anxiety, and Performance Behavior (2014); Infinity (Stage) (1999); the Callaway award winning The Recurrence of Fate: Theatre and Memory in Twentieth-Century Russia (1994); Evreinov: The Theatre of Paradox and Transformation (1984). He has co-written a novel, parts of which have been published in literary print journals and online. He has contributed 150 entries to The Cambridge Guide to World Theatre and The Cambridge Guide to American Theatre and published essays in a wide variety of books and professional journals. He has been a Fulbright, IREX and two-time NEH Fellow, has worked as a professional stage director, journalist, script consultant and associate artistic director in New York City and served as a guest scholar at professional regional theatres. His research interests include mise en scene, film, philosophy, Russian theatre, and creative non-fiction. He continues also to stage productions, including most recently The Misanthrope, The Changeling, Lulu, Phaedra, The Love Song of J. Robert Oppenheimer, and Hedda Gabler.

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