Sohini Ramachandran Manning Assistant Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

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I received my bachelor's degree in Mathematical and Computational Sciences at Stanford University in 2002 — applied math, computer science, and statistics are all used extensively in my research. I received my PhD from Stanford University in Biological Sciences in 2007, working with Professor Marcus Feldman on human population genetics. I was elected to the Harvard Society of Fellows in 2007 and did postdoctoral work with John Wakeley, studying coalescent theory.

I joined the faculty at Brown University as an Assistant Professor in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology during July 2010. I am also a faculty member in the Center for Computational Molecular Biology. In 2012 I was named an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow and a Pew Scholar; in 2015 I received an NSF CAREER award for our research on the inference of deep history from extant genome sequence data, and in 2016 I received an NIH R01 for our research on localizing genomic elements underlying adaptive evolution. I am also a junior PI on Brown University's COBRE: Center for Computational Biology of Human Disease, starting 6/2016, and I actively contributed to the funded proposal.

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