Associate Professor of Biology, Interim Director of the Data Science Initiative, Director of the Center for Computational Molecular Biology, Associate Professor of Computer Science


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I received my bachelor's degree in Mathematical and Computational Sciences at Stanford University in 2002 — applied math, computer science, and statistics are all used extensively in my research. I received my PhD from Stanford University in Biological Sciences in 2007, working with Professor Marcus Feldman on human population genetics. I was elected to the Harvard Society of Fellows in 2007 and did postdoctoral work with John Wakeley, studying coalescent theory.

I joined the faculty at Brown University as an Assistant Professor in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology during July 2010, and was promoted to Associate Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology on July 2017. I am also Director of the Center for Computational Molecular Biology and Associate Professor of Computer Science (July 2017 - present). In 2012 I was named an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow and a Pew Scholar; in 2015 I received an NSF CAREER award for our research on the inference of deep history from extant genome sequence data, and in 2016 I received an NIH R01 for our research on localizing genomic elements underlying adaptive evolution. I was also a junior PI on Brown University's COBRE: Center for Computational Biology of Human Disease, and I actively contributed to the funded proposal. Beginning July 2018, along with Bjorn Sandstede, Eliezer Upfal, and Zhijin Wu, I am PI on a newly funded NIH training grant (T32) entitled "Predoctoral Training Program at Brown University in Biological Data Science".

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