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Syed A. Rizvi Associate Professor of Neurology, Clinician Educator

Dr. Rizvi is an Associate Professor of Neurology at Brown University and Director of the Rhode Island Hospital MS Centre. He is actively involved in several clinical trials including an NIH funded drug trial. He has published in various peer reviewed journals. He is also the Chairman of the Clinical Advisory committee for the Rhode Island chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Dr. Rizvi obtained his medical degree from Dow Medical College, Karachi and then went on to do his Internship at Atlantic City Medical centre, N.J.

He completed a dual residency in Internal medicine/Neurology from Stony Brook University hospital, N.Y. followed by a year of chief residency and then a fellowship in Neuroimmunology/MS. He has been at his current position at Brown for the last 11 years.

Dr. Rizvi is married to Zehra Rizvi and has two daughters Asiya and Lila

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scholarly work

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Multiple sclerosis and neuro-immunology