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Thomas J. Guilmette Adjunct Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior

Brown Affiliations

research overview

My research interests include the assessment of brain dysfunction from neuropsychological test measures, the use of neuropsychological assessment methods in medico-legal domains (i.e., forensic neuropsychology), the perceptions of head injury in different populations, rehabilitation outcomes, and mild head injury.

research statement

My early research activities focused on the detection of malingering in forensic neuropsychological examinations, the assessment of mild head injury, clinical judgment in neuropsychology, and emotional dysfunction in geratric rehabilitation patients. In the more recent past I have examined smoking patterns and smoking cessation in the rehabilitation and long-term care populations, rehabilitation interventions for persons with traumatic brain injury and stroke, the perceptions of traumatic brain injury among different populations (and how these perceptions may affect civil litigation of head injury court cases), and the association between the recall of the events of 9/11/01 and overall cognitive functioning in the elderly. I am currently looking at what factors neuropsychologists use to assign qualitative descriptors to neuropsychological test performance.

funded research