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Timothy Kinsella Professor of Radiation Oncology

Dr. Kinsella is an internationally recognized radiation oncologist with clinical expertise in the treatment of sarcomas, brain tumors, lymphomas, gastrointestinal cancers and pediatric cancers. He has extensive laboratory expertise in the development of intraoperative radiotherapy, radiation sensitizing drugs, and small molecules that modify DNA repair processing of radiation damage, and has been the recipient of numerous grants including NIH funding for over 30 years. He has published over 350 articles, chapters and books. Dr. Kinsella has served on numerous advisory boards, including the NCI Board of Scientific Advisors, currently serves on the editorial boards of nine scientific journals including Cancer Research, Seminars in Radiation Oncology and is the Editor-in-Chief of Frontiers in Radiation Oncology. Prior to joining Rhode Island Hospital and Brown University as a Research Scholar Professor in 2010, he was Senior Investigator and Deputy Branch Chief in Radiation Oncology at the National Cancer Institute, Chair of the Department of Human Oncology at the University of Wisconsin, founding Chair of Radiation Oncology at Case Western Reserve University, and Director of the Stony Brook University Cancer Center.

Brown Affiliations

funded research

Past Research Funding (since departure from the National Cancer Institute in October 1987)

A. NIH, 5P30-CA14520:University of Wisconsin Clinical Cancer Center Support; P.P. Carbone, PI; T.J. Kinsella, Senior Leader, 15% effort, 15% salary and Program Leader, 10% effort, 10% salary; 01/01/88-11/01/97; $1,585,076 annual direct cost.

B. NIH 5-U10-CA21076: Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group - D.C. Tormey, PI, Chairman; T.J. Kinsella, Chair, Radiation Therapy Committee, 5% effort, 5% salary; 05/01/89-04/30/94; $343,179 annual direct cost.

C. NIH 5-PO1-CA52686: Growth Factor Alteration of Radiation Response in Tumors, T.J. Kinsella, PI; 40% effort, 25% salary; 09/01/90-08/31/94; $556,000 annual direct cost.

D. NIH R01-CA50595; years 1-3: Radiation and Chemosensitization with Iododeoxyuridine. T.J. Kinsella, PI; 10% effort, 10% salary; 04/01/91-03/31/94; $165,000 annual direct cost.

E. NCI ROP NCI-CM-07301: Phase I and Clinical Pharmacokinetic Studies of Anticancer Agents, P.P. Carbone, M.D., Principal Investigator, T.J. Kinsella, Co-Investigator, 5% effort, 5% salary; 12/01/89-05/31/95; $315,707 annual direct cost.

F. NIH R01-CA52692: Electron Beam Dose Planning Using Monte Carlo Simulation, T.R. Mackie, PI; T.J. Kinsella, Co-investigator, 5% effort, 5% salary; 07/01/90-06/30/93; $352,720 annual direct cost.

G. NIH U01 CA62491: Phase I clinical trials of novel anti-cancer therapies. J. Stewart, P.I.; TJ Kinsella, co-investigator; 5% effort; 5% salary, 04/15/94–04/13/98; $181,000 annual direct cost.

H. NIH UO1 CA62421: Therapeutic studies of primary CNS malignancies in adults. M. Prados (U.C.S.F.), P.I. of consortium; T.J. Kinsella and M.P. Mehta, Project directors at U.W.; 5% effort; 0% salary 04/01/94–03/31/98; $43,243 annual direct cost.

I. NIH RO1-CA50595; years 4-8: Tumor cell kinetics and S-phase sensitization. T.J. Kinsella, P.I.; 20% effort, 20% salary, 04/01/94 - 3/31/98; $130,000 annual direct cost.

J. Sparta Pharmaceuticals, Inc: In vivo testing of halogenated pyrimidinone compounds. T.J. Kinsella, P.I. 07/01/93- 01/31/00; $60,000 annual direct costs.

K. NIH SBIR - Grant R 44 CA76835: Development of IPdR as a Radiation Sensitizing Drug. H Sands, PI; TJ Kinsella, PI; Case Western Reserve University contract 10% effort; 10% salary; 1/01/00-01/31/02; $302,000 annual direct costs; $87,252 annual direct costs of Case Western Reserve University contract.

L. NIH R01 CA50595: years 8-12: Radiosensitization by the Halogenated Thymidine Analogs. T.J. Kinsella, PI; 20% effort; 20% salary 4/01/98-3/31/02; $129,000 annual direct costs.

M. NIH R01 – CA79782: Role of DNA Mismatch Repair in FdUrd-mediated cytotoxicity. DA Boothman, PI; TJ Kinsella Co-investigator, 10% effort, 10% salary; 04/01/99 – 03/31/03, $162,000 annual direct costs.

N. NIH R01 CA84578: Mismatch repair defects and human tumor radiosensitization. T.J. Kinsella, P.I.; 15% effort; 15% salary 01/01/00 – 12/31/04, $151,000 annual direct costs.

O. NIH P01 CA 48735: Phthalocyanine Photodynamic Therapy: Mechanistic Studies. N Oleinick, PI; TJ Kinsella, Director-Project 4; Clinical Phase I (± II) Testing with the Silicon Phthalocyanine Pc 4 of PDT. 10% effort: 07/01/00 – 06/30/05: $655,000 annual direct costs for program project grant, $107,000 annual direct costs for Project 4.

P. NCI RAID Grant #197: IPdR, an oral prodrug for tumor radiosensitization. T.J. Kinsella, PI (11/02 – 2/06). NCI invested $1,200,000 for drug synthesis, pre-clinical toxicology, GMP testing and completion of investigator-initiated IND to the FDA. (IND awarded)

Q. NASA (Grant# NNC06GA23G): In silico modeling and laboratory study of the role of DNA mismatch repair in processing ionizing radiation damage: estimating risks for space radiation-induced microsatellite instability carcinogenesis. T.J. Kinsella, PI; 10% effort; 09/01/06 – 08/31/08; $150,000 total costs.

R. NIH CON 103244: Correlative Studies for Clinical Protocol P7336: Phase I/II trial of intravenous triapine in combination with pelvic radiation. T.J. Kinsella, PI; 5% effort; 09/01/06 – 09/01/08; $38,850 total direct costs.

S. NIH P30 CA43703 - years 8-18: Comprehensive Cancer Center Support Grant. S. Gerson, PI; TJ Kinsella, Co-leader, Radiation and Cellular Stress Program; 10% effort:
11/01/97 - 09/01/08, $2,553,394 annual direct costs in year 18.

T. NIH U56 CA112963: Complex Systems and Control of MMR-deficient cells. T.J. Kinsella, PI; 30% effort: 9/01/04 – 02/28/10: $312,028 year 5 direct costs (1 year no cost extension through 2/28/11).

U. NIH U56 CA112963: Supplement: Developing a Systems Biology Model of Genetic/Epigenetic Signaling Networks to Predict Tumor Response to Fluoropyridine Based Radiosensitization in Rectal Cancer. T.J. Kinsella, PI; 5% effort; 10/01/07 – 02/28/11; $120,000 total direct costs.

V. NIH R21 CA140901: Modeling of DNA mismatch repair to improve cancer therapeutics. E. Guran-Cavusoglu PI; T.J.Kinsella, co-investigator; 10% effort; 07/01/09-06/30/11; $150,000 direct year 1 costs.