Victoria P. Smith Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies

I served as the Language Program Director for Hispanic Studies from 1984 to 2005. I design, teach and supervise language courses, train instructors, and for many years taught a graduate seminar on Theory and Methods of Foreign Language Teaching. As the recipient of numerous grants (NEH, Brown Curricular Development, Consortium for Language Teaching and Learning, Humanities Research), I've been able to create courses, develop programs to train teaching assistants, create instructional material using interactive media, and become a certified Oral Proficiency Tester. To develop my interest in the use of performance and the arts in the classroom, I attended the 2012 HABLA summer Arts Literacy Institute for training in this area. Since 2006 I have been exploring contemplative pedagogy in foreign language education and in 2008 published a pioneering article on this topic. In 2013 I published a book for students, Yoga for College: Balance and Transformation. I have been closely involved with the growth of Contemplative Studies whose concentration, the first of its kind in the US, was finalized in 2014. I also work in literary translation. In 2010 I received the Sheridan Center Award for Distinguished Contribution to Teaching and Learning at Brown.

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Research Areas

scholarly work

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research overview

Tori Smith's overarching interest is foreign language education. Currenty the areas related to it that she focuses on are contemplative pedagogy, arts literacy, student mental health, learning disability, and addiction. She also does literary translation.