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William C. Goedel, PhD [he/him/his] is an Assistant Professor (Research) in the Department of Epidemiology at the Brown University School of Public Health working in the People, Place, and Health Collective. He is a social epidemiologist, with significant methodological expertise in the use of agent-based models (ABMs) and gegraphic information systems (GIS) to study mechanisms that leverage social networks and neighborhoods to improve population health.To date, he has published over 75 peer-reviewed publications and 3 book chapters.

His recent research has focued in two main domains:

  • How can we improve the population-level impacts of HIV prevention methods?

    Dr. Goedel's research uses a variety of approaches, ranging from traditional observational cohorts to computational models, to promote equitable uptake of existing and emerging evidence-based HIV prevention methods. The overall goal of this research is to inform efforts to end the HIV epidemic among gay men in the United States. Much of his research is conducted in Jackson, Mississippi in collaboration with the University of Mississippi Medical Center. 
  • How do we conceptualize the risk of various health outcomes at the neighborhood level?

    Dr. Goedel's research uses spatial analytical techniques to quantify the burden of two of the United States' most pressing public health challenges - drug overdose and COVID-19 - varies from neighborhood to neighborhood. This overall goal of this research is to inform prevention and mitigation efforts that leverage community assets in the hardest hit communities. This research is conducted in collaboration with the Rhode Island Department of Health.

He currently teaches "Foundations of Spatial Analysis in Public Health" (PHP 2015). In the past, he has co-taught "Epidemiology and Control of Infectious Diseases" (PHP 1864) with Dr. Bengtson.

He received his undergraduate degree with a joint major global public health and sociology from the New York University College of Global Public Health in 2017 and his doctoral degree in epidemiology from the Brown University School of Public Health in 2020.

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