William Oh Sylvia Kay Hassenfeld Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics

I am a clinician scientist in Neonatology. My career spanned over 30 years publishing more than 400 papers in peer reviewed journals. As past PI of NICHD funded Neonatal Research Network, I am still actively involved in intervention strategies to improve the outcomes of very low birth weight infants.

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Research Areas

research overview

My research in the past 30 years involved neonatal topics such as Intrauterine growth restriction, infants of diabetic mothers, and intervention to improve the outcome of very low birth weight and very premature infants.

research statement

In the area of Intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR): Using an animal model, I have demonstrated that the fetus with IUGR has reduced hepatic glycogen content, which increases their risk for low blood sugar during the neonatal period.

In infants of diabetic mothers, I have demonstrated fetal hyperinsulinemia as the major factor for the increased problems during the newborn period, including being born too large, low blood glucose, respiratory distress, and failure. I have also demonstrated that being born too large predisposes them to a higher incidence of obesity in the adolescent period as well as diabetes.

In very low birth weight infants, and in collaboration with 15 other centers within the Neonatal Research Network, we have evaluated the use of several interventions: surfactant, vit A to prevent chronic lung disease, and the use of inhaled nitric oxide for newborns with persistent pulmonary hypertension. All of these data have been published in several journals listed on my CV.

funded research

NICHD The Offspring of Diabetic Mothers 1975-1990
PI $400,000/yr

NINCDS IROINS27116-02 Randomized Indomethacin 1989-1998
PI $50,492 (3%) GMH/IVH Prevention Trial, PI: Laura Rowe Ment, M.D.

NICHD 1U10HD27904-06 Multicenter Neonatal Research 2001-2006
PI $118,753 (10%) Network/B.U.