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Biology and Public Health Faculty: see an instructional screencast

Currently, your publications show up in the "Scholarly Work" section of your profile as a block of plain text. In a new "Publications" section it is now possible to have a clickable list of titles with links to full text when available. ALL FACULTY can enter publications into a form that captures title, journal, and other citation metadata as separate fields. If you know the DOI or PMID for an article simply enter that identifier and Researchers@Brown will pull in all associated metadata. For any article with a DOI we will provide a link to the online text (if available).

Publications for Biology and Public Health faculty have been harvested from PubMed for approval in the Profile Manager. Initially publications were harvested for faculty for whom a CV was provided. If you have no pending publications but wish to have publications harvested in the future:

Harvesting from other sources (Web of Science, etc.) and for other faculty and disciplines will be available in the future. Publications entered through the form or by entering a DOI/PMID are automatically "approved". At this time only Biology and Public Health faculty will see "pending" publications needing approval.

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Verifying Your Publications (Biology & Public Health Faculty)

Starting with a few publications from your CV, we were able to query PubMed for other publications authored by you. Once you approve these publications they will be searchable in Researchers@Brown by title, journal title, co-authors, and other citation elements. You have two options for verifying your publications: all at once or individually.

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