Researchers@Brown brings together, in one site, publicly available information on the people, departments, and activities that collectively make up research and scholarship in all disciplines at Brown. Researchers@Brown is an implementation of VIVO, an open-source, linked open data, research networking tool developed at Cornell University and currently in use at a growing number of institutions worldwide.

All information in the initial release of Researchers@Brown comes from institutional sources (Workday, FIS, Banner) and from faculty profiles in the Directory of Research and Researchers at Brown (DRR-B). As the infrastructure of the DRR-B is outdated and no longer sustainable, Researchers@Brown provides a more functional and sustainable environment than the DRR-B. An external interface for managing Researchers@Brown profiles has been built to avoid the inflexibilities and difficulties of use found in the native VIVO editor.

DRR-B profiles have been automatically redirected to the new Researchers@Brown profiles.

» Implementation Plan

» Who is included?

» What content is included?

» What content is not included?

» What help is available?

Implementation Plan

To ensure as smooth a transition as possible from the DRR-B, Reseachers@Brown has been rolled out in phases. With each phase, training and support are available to faculty and their deputies. All faculty are encouraged to use the new system to its full potential.

Who is included in Researchers@Brown?

Faculty affairs offices in the Dean of the Faculty, the Division of Biology and Medicine, and the School of Public Health have created a set of simple rules for inclusion in Researchers@Brown. While the rules will determine the automated creation of profiles, any Brown faculty member can request a Researchers@Brown profile by contacting the appropriate faculty affairs office:

Automatically included in Researchers@Brown:

Automatically excluded from Researchers@Brown initial launch (but can request a profile):

What content is included in Researchers@Brown?

Faculty profiles include the data below. For details about editing your profile see the Researchers@Brown User's Guide pdf.

DataData SourceEditable?
Name (Preferred name)Workday via FISyes, in Workday -->Personal Data -->Preferred Name
Title, Position, Degrees, DeptFISno, contact Faculty Affairs office to correct errors
Contact InformationWorkday via FISyes, in Workday -->Personal Data
CV (uploaded Photo)DRRB, PAURyes
CV (uploaded PDF)DRRByes
Research SummaryDRRByes
Research DescriptionDRRByes
Funded ResearchDRRByes
Scholarly Work*DRRByes
Publications (structured data)**Harvard Catalyst seeded by CV datayes, all faculty can add manually add and edit citation data or enter a DOI or PMID; Additional publications are harvested for Biology and Public Health. See Managing Publications.
Teaching DescriptionDRRByes
CoursesBannerno, contact department administrator to correct errors
Awards and HonorsDRRByes
Brown CollaboratorsDRRByes
Other CollaboratorsDRRBnot yet

*If you entered publication information in the DRR-B as free text or a text file, that data has been carried over to Researchers@Brown under the heading "Scholarly Work". PDF lists of publications have not been carried over from the DRR-B. These publications are available on your uploaded CV and can also be entered in the "Scholarly Work" text box.

**The "Publications" section in Researchers@Brown offers a sophisticated approach to publication data. This publication data is highly structured and allows for automatic links to library-licensed or freely available FULL TEXT. In addition, the editing interface allows the automated retrieval of full citation data upon entry of a DOI or PMID. A harvesting service allows Biology and Public Health faculty to approve a list of their recent publications for automatic entry into their profiles.

What content is not included?

What help is available?

Contact researchers@brown.edu. Staff are available to work with faculty or deputies in groups or one-on-one. Drop-in training sessions will be scheduled periodically.