Director of the Institute at Brown for Environment and Society, Professor of Environment and Society and Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences

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​Amanda ​Lynch obtained her Ph.D. in ​Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Melbourne​ in 1993​​, with a focus on polar climate modeling.​ She also conducts research on ​climate policy​, environmental governance,​ and the role of Indigenous​ ​knowledges in adaptation​ to global change​.​ Amanda Lynch has published more than 100 articles, policy briefs, book chapters and books, and developed ​the first Arctic regional climate system model in 1993. ​She is Chief Editor of the journal Weather,​ ​Climate and Society, ​Vice Chair of the World Climate Research Programme Joint Science Committee​, a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society, and Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering.​ She won the Priestly Medal in 2008. Her favorite temperature is -20oC.

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