Amanda Lynch Sloan Lindemann and George Lindemann, Jr. Distinguished Professor of Environmental Studies, Director of the Brown Institute for Environment and Society, Professor of Environment and Society and Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences

​Amanda ​Lynch obtained her Ph.D. in ​Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Melbourne​ in 1993​​, with a focus on polar climate modeling.​ She also conducts research on ​climate policy​, environmental governance,​ and the role of Indigenous​ ​knowledges in adaptation​ to global change​.​ Amanda Lynch has published more than 100 articles, policy briefs, book chapters and books, and developed ​the first Arctic regional climate system model in 1993. ​She is Chief Editor of the journal Weather,​ ​Climate and Society, ​Vice Chair of the World Climate Research Programme Joint Science Committee​, a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society, and Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering.​ She won the Priestly Medal in 2008. Her favorite temperature is -20oC.

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