Professor Emeritus of Economics


I was born in 1943 in Paterson, New Jersey, and grew up in Fair Lawn, New Jersey. I received an B.S. degree in mathematics in 1965 from the University of Chicago, an M.A. in anthropology in 1967 from the University of Chicago, and a Ph.D. in economics in 1972 from Johns Hopkins University.
I married Barbara Moses in 1965, and we are still married. She is also a University of Chicago graduate, and has a long career as a public school teacher. We have three children: Paula Feldman, born in 1972; Elizabeth Feldman, born in 1973; and Jacob Feldman, born in 1979.
In 1971, with my Ph.D. dissertation mostly complete, I started teaching at Brown University. After 35 years, I am still at Brown. I have taught thousands of Brown students in hundreds of classes. I have been director of graduate studies in the economics department, and, for many years, director of undergraduate studies. I do research in welfare economics, law and economics, and related topics.
Since the 1970's I have also worked as a consultant and forensic economist. I have testified as an expert witness in many states on many occasions. I am one of the best-know "expert economists" in New England, and I have been described by a Rhode Island lawyer as the "Mike Tyson of experts." (The lawyer meant this as a high compliment!)
I have many interests outside of my academic work and my consulting work. I am interested in woodworking and antiques, and I collect and restore antique clocks. I am also interested in natural science on the amateur level, including astronomy, wild plants, and birds. For pleasure I read Scientific American and Darwin, and I listen to Chopin and Dvorak.

Brown Affiliations