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Clyde L. Briant is Professor of Engineering at Brown University.   From 2003-2006 he served of Dean of Engineering at Brown and from 2006-2013 he served as Vice President for Research.  Prior to joining the Brown faculty in 1994, Briant worked at the GE Research and Development Center (1976-1994). He received his Doctor of Engineering Science degree in materials science from Columbia University in 1974 and was a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Pennsylvania from 1974 to 1976. His primary research interest has been in the area of structural materials, and more recently has begun to study engineering design and the evolution of innovative technological systems. His primary current research interest is in the diffusion of technologies.   In engineering education, he seeks to provide an education for the public engineer, that is an engineer who is extremely well-versed technically and who is also concerned about the societal impact and public understanding of engineering achievements.  He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering.

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