Associate Professor of Dermatology, Clinician Educator


Director of the Center for Lasers and Aesthetics and Medical Director of Clinical Trials, Department of Dermatology of the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University.

Vice-President of the International Peeling Society, 2024-26. President-elect for 2026-28.

Dr. Carlos Wambier has pioneered significant advancements in the field of dermatology with a particular focus on phenol-croton-oil peels. His research has spanned chemical and pharmacotechnical studies, notably on the emulsification of phenol-croton oil in water, and the characterization of activity of each ingredient in the formula utilizing porcine models. Dr. Wambier's translational research has played a pivotal role in mentoring randomized clinical trials, leading to the publication of innovative clinical data.

His major contribution to the stabilization of phenol-croton-oil emulsions—replacing Septisol (a hand-wash soap traditionally used for 5 decades in formulations) with Novisol (developed for phenol-croton oil chemical peeling) —represents a breakthrough in enhancing the safety and efficacy of these peels. This innovation has underpinned his mentorship of over 50 hands-on courses on deep peels, reigniting interest in phenol-croton-oil peels, particularly Hetter's peels. USPTO Patent #11,253,465. “Compositions and methods for treating skin conditions.” February 22, 2022.

Through his scholarly articles, Dr. Wambier has disseminated knowledge on diverse aspects of phenol-croton-oil peels, such as lip peeling for volume and eversion, and the nuances of repigmentation post-deep-peels. His extensive list of peer-reviewed articles, CME reviews, commentaries, and book chapters reflect a profound commitment to advancing dermatological practices.

A sought-after speaker, Dr. Wambier has imparted his expertise through hundreds of lectures internationally, contributing significantly to the global dermatological community. His work has not only propelled the science behind phenol-croton-oil peels but has also enhanced practical methodologies, impacting both clinical outcomes and patient care.

Dr Wambier is also a pioneer in body contouring, particularly by injectables to reduce fat pads. Dr Wambier has coined the term "Emptiers", a term that has been widely adopted internationally to describe injectables to reduce volume. Dr Wambier has pioneered the newest method of destrution of undesirable fat pads with injectable liquid cryolipolysis. USPTO Patent #11,576,812. “Methods for reducing body fat”. February 14, 2023.

Dr Wambier also researches infectious and autoimmune diseases, and environmental factors to skin diseases, safety in dermatologic procedures and drug reactions, applied phytochemistry, wound healing, neocollagenesis, scars, and severe drug-induced skin reactions. Dermatologist at the Rhode Island Hospital Burn Center. 

Since 2020, became an active researcher of COVID-19 vulnerability mechanisms, including the androgen TMPRSS2 gateway to SARS-CoV-2 cell infection, antiandrogen therapy, and environmental and seasonal vulnerability.

Has ministered +50 Hands-on Workshops on Advanced Chemical Peels, +20 Hands-on Workshops on Emptiers and Drug Delivery / Drug Tattooing.
Chemical Peels CME articles and before-after photographs featured as cover of the 40th aniversary of the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, August 2019
Cover of “The Dermatologist”, November 2018.
Chair of Cosmetic Dermatology sessions in the World Congress of Dermatology, Italy (2019) and World Congress of Cosmetic Dermatology, Peru (2019), American Academy of Dermatology Global Day (2023).

X handle: @WambierMD

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