David B. Cooper Professor Emeritus of Engineering

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Research Areas

scholarly work

"A New Complex Basis for Implicit Polynomial Curves and Its Simple Exploitation for Pose Estimation and Invariant Recognition," Proceedings IEEE Conf. On Computer Vision And Pattern Recognition, Santa Barbara, pp. 111-117 (1998).

"PIMS and Invariant Parts for Shape Recognition," Proceedings IEEE Sixth Intl. Conf. On Computer Vision, Bombay, India, January 4-7, pp. 827-832 (1998).

"Pose Estimation Of Free-Form 3D Objects without Point Matching Using Algebraic Surface Models," in Proceedings, IEEE Intl. Workshop on Model-Based 3D Image Analysis, Bombay, India, January 3, pp. 13-21 (1998).

"Automatic Finding of Main Roads in Aerial Images by Using Geometric-Stochastic Models and Estimation," IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, pp. 707-720 (1996).

research overview

Professor Cooper's current research focuses on the development and application of new geometric, algebraic, and probabilistic approaches, models, and algorithms for recognizing and estimating 2D and 3D geometric information from images, video, and range data. Present specific research projects include: Geometry-based searching of very large image databases (100,000 or more images) using new geometric invariants for open or closed curves as search features.