Dana A. Gooley Associate Professor of Music

I studied piano at New England Conservatory and English at Wesleyan University before pursuing my Ph.D. in musicology at Princeton University, finishing in 1999. My research has centered on Franz Liszt, music criticism, and the 19th century cult of the virtuoso. While in graduate school I developed a passion for jazz and I still perform regularly with my quartet Inventions. I also began giving courses in jazz history and this has fed into my secondary area, jazz history. I am currently writing a book on improvisation and the 19th century pianist-composer. Since coming to Brown I have taken a strong interest in bridging performance studies and music history, and this has led to new projects on the history of conventions of musical performance. I give courses on music history, improvisation, opera, historiography, jazz, and European cultural history.

Brown Affiliations

scholarly work

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funded research

Dana Gooley received a grant from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) to spend a year in Berlin researching his dissertation research, and an award from the American Musicological Society (AMS 50) to complete it. After completion he received a short-term research grant from the DAAD, and has recently received research travel grants from the W. P. Jones fund and the Baker-Nord Center for the Humanities at Case Western Reserve University. He received the Wendy Strothman Faculty Research Award in 2011. At Brown he has been awarded faculty fellowships at the Cogut Center for the Humanities and the Pembroke Center. In 2014 he won a research fellowship from the Howard Foundation for the completion of his book on improvisation in 19th century European music.