The study of music – a phenomenon known to all people in all ages – lies naturally at the heart of a liberal education. The Department of Music at Brown provides an ideal environment for such an education, with its integrated faculty of scholars, performers, composers, and theorists.The curriculum of the Department of Music combines studies in history, theory, ethnomusicology, and musicianship with courses in composition, technology, and performance. Application merges with analysis, creation with cultural study, and multimedia experiments with broad meditations on sound, in a unique department that welcomes all.

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Faculty Administrative Positions

Winkler, Todd, Chair of Music

Faculty Positions

Baker, James, Professor Emeritus of Music

Cole, Arlene, Assistant Professor of the Practice of Music

Gooley, Dana, Professor of Music

Jodry, Louis, Senior Lecturer in Music

Josephson, David, Professor Emeritus of Music

McGarrell, Matthew, Senior Lecturer in Music

Miller, Kiri, Professor of Music

Momeni, Ali, 250th Anniversary Professor of the Practice and Visiting Fellow in Music

Moses, James, Lecturer in Music

Nathan, Eric, Assistant Professor of Music

Nathan, Eric, David S. Josephson Assistant Professor of Music

Nelson, Ron, Professor Emeritus of Music

Osborn, Ed, Associate Professor of Music

Perlman, Marc, Associate Professor of Music

Rovan, Joseph, Professor of Music

Seto, Mark, Lecturer in Music

Shapiro, Gerald, Professor Emeritus of Music

Steinbach, Mark, Senior Lecturer in Music

Steinberg, Michael, Professor of History and Music

Subotnik, Rose, Professor Emerita of Music

Titon, Jeff, Professor Emeritus of Music

Tucker, Christopher, Associate Professor of Music

Wang, Lu, Assistant Professor of Music

Wang, Lu, David S. Josephson Assistant Professor of Music

Warren, Kristina, Visiting Assistant Professor of Music

Winkler, Todd, Professor of Music