Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine


Board Certified Family Physician with special expertise/training in Maternal, Child, and Reproductive Health Care.

After 18 years of medical practice, with 12 of them devoted to the care of pregnant patients, children, and young families; I decided to focus exclusively on the provision of vasectomies.

I am convinced that willful permanent discontinuation of the reproductive function, when one’s fertility has been satisfied, empowers individuals and families to achieve a better distribution of their available resources for a better life and an improved environment.

A vasectomy allows effective and more balanced contraceptive participation. It promotes REPRODUCTIVE EQUALITY because the burden of contraception has not been fairly shared by the individuals involved.

I am committed to performing vasectomies with an excellent and personal experience so that individuals can confidently move on to the next stage of their reproductive lives.

* Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians - AAFP
* Diplomate American Board of Family Medicine - ABFM