Associate Professor of Pediatrics


I have been involved in Neonatal Follow Up since my fellowship (2004-2007), receiving training under Dr. Betty Vohr and have been an active participant in Follow Up and multi-center clinical trials throughout my career. After fellowship training at WIH I worked at Tufts Floating Hospital, in 2008 became Director of the Tufts Neonatal Follow up Program, and currently am Assistant Director of Women and Infants’ Hospital (WIH) Follow Up Program. In addition, I am a trained in the NICU Neurobehavioral Network Scale (NNNS), and currently a site co-Investigator for a NICHD funded study investigating the association between neurobehavior and school age outcomes in very preterm infants. My areas of interest include risk factors affecting neurobehavioral, cognitive, language and motor outcomes in vulnerable NICU infants. My most recent work has sociodemographic and medical factors that are associated with developmental outcomes, including maternal involvement, interactions, mental health and participation in NICU care.

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