Assistant Professor of Pediatrics


I have been involved in Neonatal Follow Up since my fellowship (2004-2007) and have been an active participant in Follow Up and multi-center clinical trials throughout my career. After fellowship training with Dr. Betty Vohr, a pioneer in the field of neonatal developmental Follow Up, I worked at Tufts Floating Hospital and in 2008 became Director of the Tufts Neonatal Follow Up Program. My research and areas of interest include neurobehavior and developmental outcomes of the high risk NICU infant. I have participated in the NICHD Neonatal Research Network (NRN) since 2008 as a Follow Up Site PI at Tufts, and more recently at Women and Infants’ Hospital as Follow Up Co-I. As a key participant in the NICH NRN, I have administered projects (e.g. staffing, budgets, etc), had successful tracking of patients ( > 90% retention), performed standardized neurodevelopmental assessments, and contributed to numerous peer-reviewed publications. In addition to the NRN, I have been involved in several other NIH multi-site trials as site PI or Co-I, which has resulted in effective leadership and efficiency, as well as communication and administrative skills. 

Brown Affiliations