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Fizza S. Gillani Assistant Professor of Medicine (Research)

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With my strong background in the combined fields of Econometrics and systems analysis, my primary interests include project and data design, data management, and systems analyses. My current research focuses on optimizing information systems utilized by faculty and students affiliated with the medical school as well as by various local and national agencies. Given my past research experience in developing countries, I hope to continue this work at an international level.

research statement

I started my career conducting macro-level research that focused on government tax policies and their impact on the general population. Later, I became involved with international organizations to create more micro-level field survey tools for data collection. As a result of my new found interest in micro-level research, I examined household altruistic vs. risk sharing behaviors using longitudinal panel data for my doctoral dissertation in Economics. At the end of my PhD program, my research interests focused more on Health Economics with a heavy concentration on programming of econometric models for various government agencies.

Currently, I provide expertise on the design, implementation, and development of computerized systems for research and government reporting. Particularly, I am responsible for designing and maintaining a database system for HIV surveillance in Rhode Island. These systems are integral in sustaining a comprehensive method of reporting HIV and other infectious disease information to local and federal agencies.

I would like to expand my research to include investigations on the socio-economic effect of global diseases, such as HIV/AIDS, TB, and Hepatitis C, on international economies.

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