Associate Professor of Medicine (Research), Associate Professor of Health Services, Policy and Practice (Research)


Dr. Gillani has a PhD in Economics/Econometrics from Boston University, but her career has evolved from econometrics to health economics, to HIV/AIDS epidemiology, to her current focus on health care informatics, quality improvement, and public health. While her background is non-traditional, it has allowed her to establish a unique position at the intersection of medical informatics, analytics, healthcare systems, and public health both domestically and internationally. She is a dedicated researcher and has a deep understanding of research methodologies and informatics systems that support healthcare research. Dr. Gillani joined Lifespan and Brown University in 2003. During her time at Brown, she has advised junior faculty members, clinical and research ID-Fellows, residents, and medical students on research projects and publications. She also collaborates on many research grants with colleagues from Brown University. While working in the ID division, Dr. Gillani developed a passion for serving disadvantaged populations inflicted with diseases like HIV. This drove her to start a large HIV Awareness, Prevention, and Education project in Pakistan, which has been ongoing since 2019 (see link below).  

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