Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Clinician Educator, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, Clinician Educator


Geoff Capraro is a pediatric emergency medicine sub-specialist engaged in cross-disciplinary and translational research aimed at the early diagnosis of time-critical emergencies. Dr. Capraro furthered his research training by obtaining his MPH in Biostatistics and Epidemiology and completing the Clinical Research Training program at Boston University. He draws great pleasure from teaching and mentoring medical students, residents, and fellows, and is driven in his research by clinical challenges facing him and colleagues. He is co-director Brown Alpert Medical School's Scholarly Concentration in Medical Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, runs the Brown Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellows' Core Curriculum and PEMcrit case discussion series, and serves as a mentor for Brown Hack Health and Brown's Breakthrough Laboratory.

He has conducted translational investigations of the potential for using focal anomalies in emitted electromagnetic radiation and tissue oxygenation to aid bedside diagnosis. His current research focuses on emergency applications of video photoplethysmography and motion analysis for non-contact acquisition of vital signs.

Dr. Capraro founded NaloxBox, an organization whose mission is to improve the capacity of bystander rescuers of opioid overdose victims to save a life. Through the generous support of two RI Dept. of Health mini-grants he worked with his RISD collaborator, Dr. Claudia Rebola to deploy 58 NaloxBoxes throughout RI. These innovative cabinets store multiple doses of naloxone, a mask for giving rescue breaths, gloves, and contain information on how to obtain personal naloxone and addiction treatment. Geoff and NaloxBox took first place in RI's Social Enterprise Greenhouse Health and Wellness Accelerator Program in Fall, 2017, and he now serves as an SEG Advisor. A RI non-profit with expertise in disaster preparedness and overdose rescue training named RI DMAT, now has scaled the NaloxBox program for national distribution of NaloxBoxes, with over 500 NaloxBoxes deployed to date.

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