Professor of English



James Kuzner is Professor of English. A specialist in early modern literature, he is the author of The Form of Love: Poetry's Quarrel with Philosophy (Fordham UP, 2021), Shakespeare as a Way of Life: Skeptical Practice and the Politics of Weakness (Fordham UP, 2016), and Open Subjects: English Renaissance Republicans, Modern Selfhoods, and the Virtue of Vulnerability (Edinburgh UP, 2011).


He has published articles in journals such as Shakespeare Quarterly, Criticism, English Literary History, Studies in English Literature, Modern Philology and Modern Language Quarterly. He is currently at work on a project on disability and irony in Shakespeare's King Lear. A portion of this project has appeared in Modern Philology, and two other portions are forthcoming from ELH and MLQ


Kuzner came to Brown in 2013 and before that taught at Case Western Reserve University and Pomona College.

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