Our department fosters the open understanding of literatures and cultures in English. We promote original work on new questions of history, criticism, theory, and analysis. We invite practices of reading and writing that challenge the ongoing creation of knowledge in our fields. English is among the largest undergraduate concentrations at Brown, and graduates of our Ph.D. program are recognized for their scholarship across the globe. Our nonfiction writing program opens up the useful diversity of styles and modes of writing.

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Faculty Administrative Positions

Rambuss, Richard, Chair of English

Stanley, Lawrence K, Co-Director of the Nonfiction Writing Program

Faculty Positions

Abdur-Rahman, Aliyyah, Associate Professor of American Studies and English

Anderson, Amanda S, Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Humanities, Professor of English

Armstrong, Paul B, Professor of English

Bewes, Timothy R T, Professor of English

Blasing, Mutlu Konuk, Professor Emerita of English

Bryan, Elizabeth Johnson, Associate Professor of English

Burrows, Stuart, Associate Professor of English

DeBoer-Langworthy, Carol L, Senior Lecturer in English

Egan, James F, Professor of English

Emigh, John S, Professor Emeritus of English

Foley, Stephen Merriam, Associate Professor of English

Gandhi, Leela, John Hawkes Professor of the Humanities and English, Professor of English

George, Olakunle, Professor of English

Gould, Philip, Israel J. Kapstein Professor of English, Professor of English

Imbriglio, Catherine, Senior Lecturer in English

Kahn, Coppelia H, Professor Emerita of English

Katz, Tamar, Associate Professor of English

Keach, William, Professor Emeritus of English

Khalip, Jacques, Professor of English

Kim, Daniel, Associate Professor of English

Kirk, Elizabeth D, Professor Emerita of English

Kuzner, James A, Associate Professor of English

Landow, George P, Professor Emeritus of English

McLaughlin, Kevin, George Hazard Crooker University Professor of English, Professor of English

Monteiro, George, Professor Emeritus of English

Murray, Rolland D, Associate Professor of English

Nabers, Drayton, Associate Professor of English

Newman, Karen A, Professor of English

Parker, Benjamin W, Assistant Professor of English

Quashie, Kevin E, Professor of English

Rabb, Melinda Alliker, Professor of English

Rambuss, Richard, Nicholas Brown Professor of Oratory and Belles Lettres, Professor of English

Ramirez, Dixa, Assistant Professor of American Studies and English

Readey, Jonathan, Senior Lecturer in English

Redfield, Marc, Professor of English

Reichman, Ravit, Associate Professor of English

Rodriguez, Ralph E, Professor of English

Rooney, Ellen Frances, Royce Family Professor of Teaching Excellence, Professor of English and Modern Culture and Media

Rosen, Philip, Professor of English

Russom, Geoffrey R, Professor Emeritus of English

Schapira, Kate J, Senior Lecturer in English

Shroeder, John, Professor Emeritus of English

Smailbegovic, Ada, Assistant Professor of English

St Armand, Barton L, Professor Emeritus of English

Stanley, Lawrence K, Distinguished Senior Lecturer in English

Stewart, Michael H, Senior Lecturer in English

Taylor, Elizabeth, Distinguished Senior Lecturer in English

Ward, Robert P, Visiting Lecturer in English