Professor Emeritus of English


Keach taught at Rutgers before coming to Brown in 1986 and was supported by a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1988-89.   In 1983 he was given a Lindback Award for Excellence in Teaching at Rutgers, and in 1998 a Distinguished Scholar Award by the Keats-Shelley Association of America.   He is the author of Elizabethan Erotic Narratives (1976), Shelley's Style (1984), and Arbitrary Power: Romanticism, Language, Politics (2004), and has edited Coleridge: The Complete Poems for the Penguin English Poets series (1997).   His edition of Trotsky's Literature and Revolution will be published in 2004 by Haymarket Press.   His articles have appeared in Studies in Romanticism, European Romantic Review, The Keats-Shelley Journal, Left History, and other scholarly journals, and he contributed the section on "Poetry, after 1740" in volume 4 of The Cambridge History of Literary Criticism (1997).

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