Stephen Merriam Foley Associate Professor of English, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature

Stephen Merriam Foley is a graduate of Brown, with a degree in Classics and English. He received the M.A. and Ph.D. in English from Yale University, where he also taught in the Department of English. He is the author of a book on the poetry of Sir Thomas Wyatt, co-author of Conventions and Choices, a handbook for writers, and co-editor of Sir Thomas More's Answer to a Poisoned Book, a work of religious controversy published in the Yale Edition of the Complete Works of Thomas More, and co-editor of a collection of essays on More and Erasmus in Moreana, the journal of Thomas More Studies. He has served as chair of the department of English at Brown, as the editor of Modern Language Studies, and as research editor for the Yale Edition of the Works of Thomas More, . His research includes European renaissance culture and letters, classical traditions, literary theory, and aesthetics. His article on Sir Thomas Elyot's Dictionary was awarded the Beatrice White Prize for excellence in renaissance studies by the English Association of Great Britain

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scholarly work

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research overview

Stephen Merriam Foley works on European renaissance culture and letters, classical traditions, lyric poetry, religion and literature, literary theory, and aesthetics.

research statement

Stephen Foley is currently pursuing work on formal innovation in lyric poetry of the renaissance.

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