Professor of English


Melinda Rabb is the author of Satire and Secrecy in English Literature 1650-1750 (Palgrave Macmillan, 2007) and Literature, Cognition, and Small-Scale Culture 1650-1765: Beyond Lilliput (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2018). Her chapters and articles on 18th-c. novels, satire, drama, and poetry, and on authors including Swift, Manley, Pope, Richardson, Fielding, Sterne, Godwin, and Defoe, have appeared in books such as Cutting Edges: Postmodern Critical Essays on 18th-c. Satire (1995), A Companion to Early Modern Women's Writing (2002), The Blackwell Companion to Satire (2006), Reading Swift (2008), and The Cambridge Companion to Eighteenth-Century Women's Writing (2015), and in journals such as Modern Language Studies, Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture, PLL, SEL, ECS and ELH. She has edited Lucius: The First Christian King of England for The Broadview Anthology of Restoration and Early Eighteenth-Century Drama, ed. Douglas Canfield (2000) and a special issue of Modern Language Studies titled Making and Rethinking the Canon: The Eighteenth Century XCIII: 1 (1988). Before joining Brown's faculty, she taught in the Humanities department at MIT. Her most recent publications draw on new research on embodiment, masculinity, and the effects of the the mid-seventeenth-century civil wars on eighteenth-century literature.

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