Distinguished Senior Lecturer in German Studies, Distinguished Senior Lecturer in Language Studies, Director of Language Studies


After receiving her PhD in Germanic Language and Literatures from Washington University in St. Louis, Jane Sokolosky was a Visiting Assistant Professor of German at Middlebury College before coming to Brown in 1998. She is co-author of the second-year German language textbook, Denk mal! (3rd Edition, 2019).  Dr. Sokolosky was appointed the Director of Brown's Center for Language Studies in 2018 after being promoted to Distinguished Senior Lecturer. There she coordinates programming for undergrads, graduate students and faculty in order to promote the teaching and learning of all languages at Brown. In German Studies, she mentors and advises graduate student teaching assistants and has served as the department’s Concentration Advisor. She has been advisor for the German Studies DUG, the study abroad advisor to Berlin and the Faculty Advisor to Brown’s German Club.  Her research focuses on the application of new technologies in language learning. She regularly presents at conferences and has received Brown's Teaching with Technology Award and the Sheridan Award for Teaching and Learning.   

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