Associate Professor Emeritus of Medicine


I completed my Ph.D. in Genetics from the Department of Genetics and Cell Biology, University of Minnesota under the direction of Dr. David P. Fan. The subject of my thesis research was the characterization of antigens capable of stimulating murine cytolytic T lymphocytes. My postdoctoral fellowship was conducted in the Division of Basic Immunology, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Seattle, WA under the direction of Drs. Walter Newman and John Hansen. The focus of this research was phenotypic and functional characterization of human cytolytic lymphocytes. Since then I have been a part of the Division of Hematology and now Hematology/Oncology at Rhode Island Hospital/Brown University. The research focus has been on studying the regulation of immune responses that occurs in response to the transfer of allogeneic white blood cells that occurs in the setting of transplantation, transfusion and pregnancy with a particular emphasis on studying the role of cytolytic lymphocytes.

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